Cecotec Conga 4690 Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Robot vacuum cleaner with laser technology that scrubs, vacuums and sweeps at the same time. Jalisco brush. 300-minute run time. RoomPlan 2.0. 2700 Pa. App with interactive map. Optical sensor. Double tank. Special brush for pets. Compatible with 5 GHz networks. Remote control.

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Cecotec Conga 4690 Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • 4 IN 1: Vacuum cleaner that vacuums, scrubs, sweeps and mops.
  • Jalisco brush: A patented brush that removes the finest dirt. Thanks to this new brush, you will be able to vacuum the smallest dirt and dust particles.
  • iTech Laser Eye: Smart navigation through laser sensor that maps your house and plans a precise and organised cleaning route. It is
    always oriented thanks to its optical sensors.
  • 6400 mAh Battery: High range, up to 90-minute runtime.
  • Room Plan 2.0: Management by room. Select the order of the tasks and the cleaning modes for each of the rooms. Faster and more
    efficient cleaning.
  • Interactive MultiMap: Maps your home to clean by areas, clean specific spots, restrict areas… Saves up to 5 maps.
  • Force Clean 2700 Pa: Great suction power for thorough cleaning.
  • Total Surface 2.0: Recharges and goes back to the exact point where it stopped to resume cleaning until your house is clean.
  • APP Control: Control programs, power, scrubbing, cleaning history, etc. from your Smartphone.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant: Compatible with voice virtual assistants.
  • BestFriend Care: Interchangeable silicone brush ideal for pets.
  • iWater: Smart scrubbing with 3 water intensity levels (High, Medium and Low).
  • Scrubbing: A swaying movement that simulates human scrubbing motion.
  • 10 Programs: Smart Area, Restricted Area, Spot cleaning, Twice, Auto, Manual, Edge, Scrubbing, Spiral and Back home.
Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 35.5 × 35.5 × 9 cm


Product Type

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product Name

Cecotec Conga 4690 Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Model Name

Conga 4690 Ultra


Brand New


2 Years


4 in 1 – Vacuum, Scrub, Sweep and Mop

Battery Capacity

6400 mAh

Battery Run Time

Up to 90-minutes

Virtual Assistant Compatibility

Alexa and Google Assistant


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